Wardrobe Design Ideas For Your Bedroom

luxury wardrobe design ideas

Wardrobes have long history from the time of kings & queens, to the time of astronauts. Now, everybody needs their personal storage because we buy more clothes & stuff. In the medieval times a part of a bedroom suite, the wardrobe has now become an integral part of architecture & often called closets. Be it free standing or fitted, a wardrobe offers more assembled storage than any other furniture piece. The best part is that you can tailor the internals of wardrobes using combinations of shelves, racks, baskets, and accessories.

Finalizing a wardrobe design that’s fully functional and meets your needs can be quite a challenge. So, we have a few wardrobe design ideas for your bedroom.

But first, here are the type of wardrobes you can consider.

1. Freestanding Wardrobes

Freestanding wardrobes are not attached to any other furniture or structure. The size of your home is in a proportion of wardrobe where you buy and the available space inside the wardrobe.

A free-standing wardrobe is generally a single wardrobe matching the interior style of your bed and other furniture pieces. Free standing wardrobe offers a character to the interiors, they have an advantage of being moved allowing you to change the layout of a bedroom.

This is particularly useful in rental properties or if you change the house, reassemble or knock down free standing wardrobe might be the best option if you are planning to buy a new home.

Walk in Wardrobes

luxury wardrobe design ideasWalk in wardrobes have always been a symbol of luxury. The changes in your lifestyle, enhancing your room structure, estate value besides changing the method of storing your outfits. It offer a lot of benefits over the traditional fit-in.

They are functional, get your stuff organized, gives you access to see and reach your clothes at one glance, use less wood and less in maintenance. With the customization available, it is possible to have adjustable shelves & hanging rods.

They are made to measure, thereby fit wall to wall and ceiling to ceiling. Walk in wardrobes can be designed to meet every budget. Since every walk-in wardrobe is unique, every wardrobe requires proper planning.

Here are some points to kept in mind while planning a walk-in wardrobe for residential interior design:-

  1. Take proper dimension of the space to build walk-in wardrobes. Don’t forget to measure the height, mark any beams or windows in this area
  2. While designing, don’t make the closet claustrophobic. Give enough space in the center to stand and rotate.
  3. It is advisable to leave a window for ventilation and sunlight.
  4. While installing take care not to leave gaps, between wall and wardrobe or between two vertical members. It gives space for pests to breed.
  5. Take extra special care for moisture prevention. Moisture on wood is a deadly combination and invites mild, mildew and termites.
  6. Take flooring into consideration while designing walk-in wardrobes.
  7. The stone or tile if will step in with wet feet or carpet if you can keep it dry. Carpet adds warmth to the area.
  8. Choose a sturdy material for construction. Particleboard usually cannot take a movement. Plyboard or commercial boards are more sturdy and durable. Also, ensure that the workmanship is good and carpenter gives good joinery.
  9. Keep your budget in mind while choosing your organizers. You can build a basic wardrobe and then add on accessories as n when your budget permits.

Walk in wardrobes besides beautiful are very functional. I would recommend that walk in wardrobes should be planned at the time of planning the house since adding them later takes a lot of space and might not be possible in all cases. Also in case, you plan to shift a house then free standings are recommend over walk-ins as walk-in cannot be shift.

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Built in Wardrobes:-

Built in wardrobes are perfect for storage, since they are tailor-made, they can fit into any alcove or architectural space left for the wardrobe. Thus spaces with irregular walls or sloping ceilings or exposed beams may still fix with beautiful storage. The use of space is definitely on every square inch as with customization alternatives, you can measure and design the wardrobe to your utilities.

Since these wardrobes are crafted to your choice, this would mean a precise room for hanging T-shirts, folded clothes, shoes, ties, and belts etc. So you know exactly what to open when it need.

The customized wardrobes offer simple maintenance as they take care of all the nooks and corners and leave no spaces for dirt to go backside of the wardrobe. Since these days the wardrobe is generally built from floor to ceiling, cleaning the top of the closet is not a concern.

More Wardrobe Organization Tips

Organize your wardrobe with the large variety available of wardrobe accessories. A sliding trouser rack, which can accommodate 12 trousers and will pull out, belt rack with hooks to hang belt, valet rods to pull out to hang a dress & then choose the rest of accessories are a few to name.

Then there are chrome baskets available for various depths & sections for various utilities. Slanting shoe shelves or slanting glass shoe shelf offer greatest storage for shoes so that the shoes are not stacked one above another.

There are section drawers partitioned to take care of your jewelry & watches. For jewelry, there is an option of velvet jewelry case in lockable drawers, a retractable mirror is an awesome option for space saving.

The side racks which include perfume trays & hank holders give storage to knick-knacks without taking much space. The drop-down hangers helps to use vertical space on a regular basis.

Iron stand & a folding ironing board are some must-have accessories so that you don’t have to leave the wardrobes to iron your clothes. The shirts drawers stack one shirt above another without spoiling the crease of the below one. Then there are linen baskets to store your towels and linens. The hangers with LED lights are a useful accessory as it illuminates need. The walk-in wardrobes can be close by sliding, sliding-folding or folding doors; sliding being the best option since they are space savers. There are corner solutions available for dead corners to avoid even an inch is waste.

It is vital to invest in the right quality of hardware, since a simple screw, since a simple screw getting loose can cause a tragic mishap. The luxury wardrobe makes the most of the storage space no matter how extensive your collection of stuff.