5 Things You Must Know About Scandinavian Design

scandinavian design bedroom

If style, functionality, and simplicity all rolled into one is your idea of a beautiful home, then Scandinavian design is for you! A refreshing and calm form of modern interior design, this one has traversed a journey of its own and made way into so many homes today. Whether you are a design lover, or someone looking to build your own beautiful haven, it will be good to have knowledge about certain aspects that define Scandinavian design.

  • scandinavian interior design drawing room1. Less is more

With Scandinavian design, the adage ‘less is more’ holds so much significance. Based on the concept of minimalism, this form of residential interior designing focuses on creating spaces that have the least amount of stuff.

Every effort is made to maximize the space without going overboard with the furniture or home décor. So assuming you are setting up your dining room in the Scandinavian style, it will have chairs and the dining table, maybe a large piece of contemporary art on the wall, and that is pretty much it. The use of home accessories here is minimal.

Less is more!

  • 2. Let the light in

Another trick that interior designers in Delhi NCR follow when it comes to the Scandinavian style is to ensure that the rooms are well lit.

Every effort is made to incorporate natural light into the home set-up.

Layered lighting techniques are used in houses so as to keep them bright and well-illuminated even on gloomy weather days.

Sufficient light also imparts a positive and energetic aura to the place, which will make your home a beautiful retreat every time you step in after a busy day at work.

  • 3. Natural is the way to go

Any Scandinavian interior will catch your attention with its prominent use of natural materials. Whether it is the furniture or the floors, wood is significantly used to add a warm, earthen beauty to the place. Stone figurines or waterfalls simulate natural beauty really well. The use of green plants is another technique that luxury interior designers in Delhi NCR use in Scandinavian design.

The bottom line here is to keep it as close to nature as possible so that the place radiates warmth and calmness.

  • scandinavian design bedroom4. Quality functional furniture

Talking about furniture, any home designed using the Scandinavian style will have pieces of furniture that have practical use, yet stylish and beautiful in appearance and form. Not to forget, excellent craftsmanship forms the cornerstone of a Scandinavian interior design. The key here is to go for high quality functional furniture that you can use for a long time to come. Majorly, wood is used here. You can opt for eco-friendly materials such as bamboo when picking the furniture for your home.

  • 5. Hues that matter

Another major aspect when it comes to the Scandinavian design is the choice of colors. The walls would be typically light in color- white, off-white, cream are the common hues you will find in Scandinavian homes.

For floors that are mostly made of wood, a slightly dark brown shade works well. Once this is taken care of, you can add a dash of brightness and color to your home by adding colorful wall art, and other home décor.

Having lots of green plants can also do wonders. Not only they add color, but also have a soothing influence on the energy of the house.

Simplistic modern designs, lots of space, rustic elements, functional yet cozy materials, and loads of comfort, that is Scandinavian interior designing for you!

Ansa Interiors, award-winning interior designers in Delhi NCR have accepted this form of interior design with open arms, and this is clearly reflected in the upcoming homes in the locality.