Interior Design Contrast Color Walls With Colored Roof

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“Interior Design Contrast color walls with colored roof”

Color choice will affect by nature, technology, mind state & lifestyle. The shade card of color has expanded from nascent over the past 1 decade. The choice of color used in homes is specific to the place, climate, and culture. Cooler shades will prefer in tropical climate & vibrant ones for the city. With the exposure to international trends, the next – gen do not hesitate to experiment new colors, combination & textures. The changing aesthetics & interior design sensibilities have led to a whole new spectrum of color.

Nature Themes

An inspired by living in harmony with nature is much in vogue. The personal expression of people to show, ‘they care’ in their own small ways inspired the color companies to develop a whole new spectrum of blue, green, beige & brown.

Highlighting one wall with a deeper tone like ripe olive, deep water, organic green or sandstone & leaving the other walls neutral has become ‘hip’. The shade inspired by forest suddenly reconnects the ‘chaotic’ city room into all things natural & real.

latest bedroom design luxury interior designers in delhi

The experimental youth likes to do it ‘their way’. Funky animal prints, pop art & graffiti in their own style on the wall or ceiling depicting influences from nature is ‘hot’ among st the college, high school students & young designers, who wish to see the world in their own ways.

Lifestyle is an important aspect in determining choices one makes for the room decor. Then there is a segment of bespoke luxury which believes that “God lies in detailing”. The effluent which swears by sophistication, elegance & grace. The color theme used in vintage homes is walnut, antique brass, English castle, caramel with all bending towards the family of browns. The use of these colors is mainly in niches, the wall behind consoles and mirrors, atrium or hallways. The rest being white.

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Interior Design : Theme Based

bedroom interiors theme based

An Ocean, Barbie, rock star, desert, pirates, are a few kids’ favorite. The color coding runs parallel to the theme. Fuchsia, purple, wine, raspberry being on princess side and mineral blue, ink grey, honeycomb, signal red being on the prince’s side. Fresh & joy-filled colors like mint green and sunny yellow are a good choice for newborns & toddlers. Painting a favorite rhyme, on the wall, favorite cartoon characters on the wall, making sky filled with clouds on the ceiling or a rainbow in a sunny day is fun-filled ideas which make the kids enjoy their own room.

The vintage theme of the sixties with slightly faded colors, patina green & rusted metal combination works on the dynamics of past. The imperfection & irregularity in a style which shows traces of past gives the room its own identity. This theme will use in Spanish villas & traditional Indian themes.

Gold leafing, wallpaper, texture paint, wall art are a sibling to an accent wall. Experiments with color, form, material are the order of the day. The sky is the limit to your imagination while choosing the colors for your room.

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