How To Design Your House With Eco-Friendly Interior

How To Design Your House With Eco-Friendly Interior

1. Was it a conscious decision to make your abode Eco-Friendly Interior?

Yes, it was a conscious decision by all my family members to make the home Eco-Friendly Interior. And also start making small changes in our lifestyle to join organic Eco-friendly material in our day-to-day activities; like carrying jute bags for grocery-vegetable shopping, using organic nontoxic cleaners for the home, recycling whatever possible.

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2. Your definition of a Dream House?

A home that reflects my personality and is in sync with my family’s cultural values. A place which gives its corner to each member of the family but still has ample connecting spaces. Simple with no extra trimmings but yet exquisite. Eco-friendly for sure.

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3. How does living in an Eco-Friendly House adds value to Healthy-Happy Living?

Eco-friendly Interior homes definitely far weigh over their counterparts in healthy living. Going organic is not a task, but, just a thought of concern towards your own future. There are definite health benefits of using non-toxic based materials near your vicinity. The feeling of being able to do something for your mother earth in itself is very satisfying. To top it all, even the kid in the family grow up with a feeling of concern towards one’s own future and health. The value of ‘living in harmony in all the means of life.

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3. Tell us about the significance and pleasures of staying in Eco-Friendly Houses in Modern Times?

The current lifestyle of young generation is full of ‘Run’. Run for money, run for being the topper, run to meet social-professional commitments. It is a blessing to be able to make a make a small difference in one’s own home, where members spend the time to ponder on making it easy on the earth. The values silently incorporated in the family members are a fruit in itself, besides the other advantages of staying in an Eco-Friendly home.

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4. Is it an expensive deal to build an Eco-friendly house? To what extent the total cost higher?

It is rather economical to use Eco-Friendly Interior products. Besides being Eco-friendly they are also pocket-friendly. Most of the organic products are also handmade. And India is a thickly populated country is also labor intensive. The number of small-scale industries is in many and thereby decreasing the cost of production.

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5. Is it difficult to keep up an Eco-Friendly House?

It is easy to live in harmony with nature. The maintenance of a home is just the same Eco-friendly or not Eco-Friendly Interior.

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6. How Can Eco-Friendly Interior meet Modern Amenities possible?

I agree with the fact that going Eco-friendly interior reduces your palette to choice. It is about weighing what is important – being easy on mother earth and saving our own future or having care a damn attitude. The reconnaissance of the Eco-friendly material is enough to meet all modern amenities.

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7. What is your favorite part of the Home Decor?

My balcony which is a green and earthy and overlooking a garden. The morning cup of tea with the sound of birds chirping, the silence of wind blowing and the smell of freshness is my daily dose to rejuvenation.

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8. What should be kept in mind while building?

Tips on giving a green makeover to a home are to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. One of the largest threats facing the Earth today is mass consumerism. The more we buy, the more natural resources are used and the more toxins are emitted during manufacturing. However, small changes can make a big difference. From organic paint to the organic mattress, organic bedding and organic non-toxic cleaners; the options available in the market are unlimited. Start by making small changes in habits like printing on both sides of recycled paper. Also incorporating solar water heaters, rainwater harvesting, double glazed windows to cut the running of AC.

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 9. According to you, is it a style statement or the need of the hour to make our Home Eco-Friendly Interior?

Though it is hip to be organic, I would rather say the need for an hour. It is high time we stop depleted natural resources for luxury and start reducing the toxic load on earth.

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