How To Design Your Romantic Bedroom

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1. What is the first thing one should do when giving your romantic bedroom a make-over?

First and most important depth while designing your romantic bedroom is planning. Google & find the images that you want for your room. Now start by planning designing & detailing. Detailing is directly related to the outcome. If affordability permits it is always better to hire an Interior Designer.

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2. How to make your bedroom look extra special?

The bed is the soul of your bedroom and the first thing that catches the eye when you enter a bedroom. It is advisable to buy a good quality bed with a luxurious mattress. The design of the bed has to be in coherence with the interior you plan for your room.

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Sharp straight line & metal beds are usually for bachelors, high back depicts dignity. Soft curve feminine, because gold or silver plated or painted depict royalty. If you choose flat headboard then supplement your mattress with extra-large cushion & comfort while sitting or else you can choose a well-cushioned headboard. The choice of bedding is an important determiner to the look of the entire bed.

3. What kind of lighting should one use to create that ambiance?

Soft light & mood lights have a great effect in creating the sexy look of a bedroom. Bright lighting is usually for heavy work areas like kitchen or study. Keep the white light out and bring in new automation technique available for lighting. Yellow or day warm light is suggestive in creating the look desired.

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4. What kind of rugs and curtains should we include in romantic bedroom?

It is advisable to go for two layers so that the main curtain is drawn if you want sunlight in the room. Softer fabrics like velvet give a sensual feel to the room. The sheer curtains can draw with lightweight material like the net so that it adds to the drama when it goes. Keep the curtains neutral so that they blend with the wall color.

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Rugs – The softer the rug :– the more sound absorbent quality it has. The woolen rug beneath bare feet feels awesome in winter whereas cotton rugs are more suggestible during summer. A vibrant color of rug pops up the room.

5. Mirrors add sensuality to a room the best place to mirrors in your romantic bedroom?

Mirrors besides adding sensuality also give depth to the room. It is great to add a mirror to the bed in a design format to highlight the back wall of the bed. You can also use your own creation by adding a mirror to the ceiling.

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6. What are the best colors to use when decorating to make your bedroom sexy?

Lavender & violet are generally considered sexy colors but you can also choose colors from neutral tone like warm white, lightest light green & raw silk. They act as a background where you can accentuate with of color in bedding, pillow, rugs, curtains, lampshades & accessories.

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7. What else can you add that screams romance?

Add aroma to your room by adding aroma oil burners. Lavender aroma is for relaxing. Candles can add a romantic connection, warm and sexy look. You can add fresh flowers in a bouquet or just pep around with candles.

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8. What are the things that should be withdrawn in your bedroom so as not to spoil the mood?

For the lighting, white lights are definitely out when one needs to create sensual looks in bedroom and so are loud music and your work equipment like laptops. It is to keep work out of your romantic bedroom. You can add soft music to make your bedroom a retreat. It is advisable to keep all non-bedroom activities, out of the bedroom.

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9. What are some really easy things that you can buy to spice up your boudoir?

A nice armchair or a love seat is great to cuddle and sit together. You can add a few paintings which show intimacy and coziness. Nothing feels better than silk bedding and extra soft mattresses under your body and a nice pashmina blanket to cover you.

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10. Any other tips or advice for romantic bedroom design?

It is important to choose right flooring material. Instead of using cold flooring like ceramic tiles, marble or granite, use laminated flooring, wood, or carpet which are warm. It is also important to have good ventilation so that fresh air can reach the farthest point. Your bedroom reflects your personality but in a romantic bedroom, it should show love, romance, togetherness and not individual personality.

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