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In the modern times, there is absolutely nothing that the human brain can imagine and not conceptualize as part of a house. Be it gyms or bars, people today are constantly on the lookout for comprehensive homes that offer them the best of all worlds. A home theatre is no exception to this norm. With tight work schedules where everyone is pressed for time, there is hardly a possibility to go out and enjoy a movie with popcorn at a cinema hall.

To take care of all of that, and much more, Ansa Interiors offers you home theatre interior designing services as part of our luxury home interior design package. Right from the planning of layout to choosing the furnishings, we are here to help you all through. Read on to know more about few things that should be kept in mind for home theatre interior designing.

  • Choose the space for Home Theatre Interior Designing carefully

First things first, it is very important that you choose which area of the house will be used for the home theatre. A lot of consideration and planning should go into this decision.

Ansa Interiors, the top interior designers in Srinagar, make sure that there is enough area to place the screen at a comfortable viewing distance from where you will place the chairs or couches.

Sound quality is also of prime importance. So the kind of walls you have and the way they reflect sound will play a pivotal role in deciding which area of the house works best for you. An echoing sound that affects the clarity of dialogue or music is the last thing you would want when it comes to your recreation paradise at home.

home theatre interior design by ansa interiors

  • Decide the screen you want to use

Home TV viewing has undergone a sea change over the past few years. The screen options for viewing are endless.

Apart from HD television sets, people have also gone on to invest in projector screens. These days, internet streaming options are gaining popularity too.

Eventually, it all boils down to the space and size available in your house that will help in deciding on what screen to opt for. The idea is to get entertained, without generating a strain of any sort on your eyes or neck.

  • Plan the layouts and arrangements

Once you have decided on the area and screen, next thing to consider is the layout of your home theatre. See how you want to place the recliners for movie viewing. For a wholesome movie experience where everyone can see the screen conveniently, a sectional or semi-circular seating arrangement works best.

To place snacks for munching, and beverages (both hot and cold), a table should be placed in the middle. The rule of thumb is to have the table at a point where everyone has easy access to it. For the walls and ceilings, you should go for dark hues that mimic the ambience of an actual theatre. When it comes to the floor, a carpeted one is an optimal choice.

As for the screen, it has already been mentioned that it should be at a comfortable viewing distance for everyone- three to four times the width of the television screen is what our team of Delhi interior designers recommends.

Talking about speakers, for a uniform and cohesive look, wall mount them if possible. They should be placed at a focal point from where they can distribute sound uniformly, without taking up considerable space in your room.

In a nutshell, great quality and great sound should be the two prime areas of focus for home theatre interior designing.

  • Go for multiple layers of light

A great home theatre should be two things- aesthetically pleasing and diversely entertaining. With these two rules as the foundation, you should go for multiple layers of light when designing it. Always remember that pitch darkness can do more harm than good for any viewer. So it is advisable to have dim lighting sources where possible.

For that aesthetic element, you can add accent lights. They are not only elegant, but also define the look and feel of the room in a way that is unique. Other than that, there could be times when you want to use your home theatre solely for entertainment purposes (instead of the conventional intense movie watching). For such days and occasions, you should use decorative lights that create a funky and happening feel.

home theatre interiors

With so many different sources of light at your service, make sure you have a different control for each one of them. This will help you define and control them individually, and create the environment you want at a particular time.

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  • Try acoustic wall treatments

If you are someone who wants to achieve that perfectly lux home theatre experience, we recommend going for acoustic wall treatments. They take the sound quality higher by many notches. The best part about having walls that are optimized for sound is that you can enjoy your favourite show or movie at full volume, without disturbing the peace and harmony of other rooms or family members in the house.

If you are weary of the time element involved in going for such wall treatments, there is nothing to worry as the market has many ready to install options available. As one of the leading interior designers of Delhi NCR, it is our job to suggest the best possible solutions and ways of doing things to our clients. Wall treatments, albeit a bit expensive, are worth every single penny you will spend.

  • Use bright furnishings

Be it the curtains or the rugs, go for plush and heavy draperies that complement the ambience of a home theatre. Also, irrespective of the seating option you decide to incorporate (couch or recliner), silk cushions with unique motifs and designs are highly recommended. If you have opted for a hardwood floor, rugs are a must-have. Furnishings not only add visual appeal to a home theatre, but also up the comfort level of all those sitting and watching a show there.

At the end of the day, a home theatre is the perfect way to enjoy movies and shows, and spend quality time together with family members right in the comfort of your own home. With careful thought and planning, we can help you design and build a lovely relaxing retreat that is your source of entertainment. Consult Ansa Interiors now for all your home theatre interior designing needs.