Decowood Design Divas season 2 (2018-2019) in association with GoodHomes India & Home & Design Trends is a calendar that celebrates women and work of substance. Our co-founder, Ms. Sapna Aggarwal was featured in this calendar. The calendar is a means to recognize and award distinguished work, and we’re incredibly grateful for this honour. ‘Sapna […]

ASMS Orientation 2015

ASMS – Asian School of Media Studies, School of Fashion & Design invited our creative director, Ms. Sapna Aggarwal to be the eminent speaker for their 2015 orientation. Ms. Sapna was the part of the ASMS orientation program & helped the young talent in the audience begin their life as a designer. About ANSA Interiors […]

24 MRC 2016

ANSA Interiors is grateful and proud to be the winner of 24 MRC 2016 leaders awards. A gratitude message from ANSA. Over the years, we have won several awards and we’re grateful for each victory. It acknowledges us as well as humbles as and keeps us invigorated to continue delivering projects that inspire many, delights […]


Delhi build award

ANSA Interiors was awarded this token of appreciation for participation in 2nd Delhi Build | 2nd Delhi Interiors (27-30 Sept, 2012) at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India. Delhi Build is an international exhibition on building materials, constructions & interiors. Building materials, construction & interiors are very important aspects of interior designing. While the former 2 […]

Unforgettable Ideas Valentine Day Home Decor Interior 2018

Valentine Day Home Decor Interior

14th of February ( Valentine Day ) is a celebration of relationship with our friends, family & significant others. With romance in the air, it is time to gift the loved ones with a greeting card, a box of chocolate and red, pink & white roses. Valentine day home decor interior adds a pop to the grey days of winter. The celebration and decoration are sure to spread love inside your home.

Can Best Of Furniture Design Get A Wow Factor For Your Home?

Furniture Design Get A Wow Factor For Your Home (2)

Redecorating your home! You went to the best of showrooms, picked up furnishings & furniture design. But still that feeling of great ambiance, that smell of luxury is missing and you cannot figure out why. Let’s see. The first impression is very important. Luxury is an experience which conspires to seduce your senses. The tag of being expensive, making it a luxury is a bygone era. What was luxury yesterday is a necessity today, hence making luxury subjective to individuals? None-the-less “living a luxury life” will transform your imagination to opulence and elegance. A luxury home is not a big space with good amenities, it is a sum total of dedicated services to every need that set apart Luxury homes from others and transform the lifestyle.

How To Incorporate Acoustics in Your Home?

How can acoustics be incorporate in our home

Acoustics does not mean making the space sound dead. It is good to have some reflection of the sound in a room. Hearing some of the mixes come back to our ears from various parts of the room can help create a realistic stereo image and a more open natural sound. So while doing acoustics, it is not necessary to slap acoustic material on all surface areas of the room. As a thumb rule, 70% coverage will do the trick.

Interior Design Contrast Color Walls With Colored Roof

latest bedroom design luxury interior designers in delhi

Colour choice will affect by nature, technology, mind state & lifestyle. The shade card of color has expanded from nascent over the past 1 decade. The choice of color used in homes is specific to the place, climate, and culture. Cooler shades will prefer in tropical climate & vibrant ones for the city. With the exposure to international trends, the next – gen do not hesitate to experiment new colors, combination & textures. The changing aesthetics & design sensibilities have led to a whole new spectrum of color.

How To Make Pop Art Interior

interiors pop art

1. Pop art interior is becoming a growing trend for homes. How does it help up the decor of a house?

Throw a little (or a lot) of metallic in with any strong color, texture, or style, and you have hit upon the biggest trend of 2012 in home decorating. Pop Art, once used in advertising, product labeling and logos; is now the choice of next-gen… Once considered to be a luxury item, “art” has now been transformed to be made available in a myriad of materials. We can see art in wall and furniture finishes, leathers and vinyl, fabrics, lighting, accessories etc. Pop Art in Interiors is adding a nice bridge to the full abundance of neutrals by adding a bit of sparkle and luxe.