Luxury Home Design Report: Masjid Moth Project in Greater Kailash

drawing room design in delhi

Design is the basis of creativity with an aim to establish a form which has many faces. On one side it is practical, functional and on the other visually pleasing and has longevity. Good design is a collective balance of modern style

Below are the project details of the luxury home design project: Masjid Moth we completed in Greater Kailash, Delhi.

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Daughter Room: Bedroom Design In Delhi

In this room the back drop of the bed back wall is made in FRP which is an authentic handmade product and vintage veneer. The orange colour in bed makes the room warm and feel instantly homely. The side lamps are as minimilastic or basic as it can be and just suitable for the use while adding the accent to the room.

Drawing Room Design in GK, Delhi

The drawing room is urban brown coded with a dash of copper. The colours are thrown in to just accentuate the whole area. The pallet is grey and beige. The grey panelings in leather are separated with brass borders.

The brass has been replicated at certain places over trimmings of the centre table and painting, the legs of the console and on the floor lamp in front of the mirror.

The mirror has been added over the console and the backdrop of the sofa, to increase the space of the whole room. The thrown in colours like paintings in orange, the green chairs and the use of orange stone on the wall add the required twist. The offbeat lighting, decorative displays have been incorporated to depict owner’s love of collecting art.

Luxury Home Theatre Design in Delhi

home theatre design in delhi

The home theatre has been designed to give a starry night effect.The whole idea was to watch the movies sitting right below the stars.

The uplighter and downlighter form a dancing shadow.

The decorative display of an old time gramophone and an old time camera along with the  bottle green colour provides a traditional look and takes you back to your old times


Master Bed Room Design Philosophy

Sophisticated matured look, neat, without any additional design. The leather paneling on the back with tapers is used to accentuate with the light effect. The brass trimmings on the handles  of the side table drawers, the methodical bed and the use of soft fabrics, all make it very liveable styled to mid aged couple’s room

MBR toilet The stone used on the backdrop is hand crafted with gold leafing in abstract patterns. It jspells luxury. The washroom mirror frame in laser cutting has the same colour tone as of the gold leafing on the stone. The backlit onyx adds to the required drama while the vanity is sufficient to meet the reqirements of the user

Luxury Home Design: Son’s Room Design

This room is typically a blend of north meeting the south. The golden texture of the 3D wall is made in a gold. Leafing while the above half wall is rustic in texture. Simple moldings are used to enhance the whole feel of the design and the light in all cases adds the required drama. The black and white painting thrown on the backdrop of the bed wall completes the whole look.The dull orange colour is used to accentuate the colour here.  This room is free spirited with the drama of collecting different items and throwing it together still forming a refined art.

Son’s Room-2 Design

The digital backdrop on the bed has been made in the form of computer pixels which is so much part of  our daily life today. Life without internet or computers is just not possible. This room belongs to a teenager. The wide digital backdrop area is made in MDF and the copper colour is used to accentuate a few places. The light is hidden while still giving a subdued effect. The deep brown colour for the bed  and mango colour for the recliner is a strong contrast while still knitting the whole area together. The flooring is grey in colour to add a young look and personality traits of a teenaged where a colourful life is mainly dominated with social media.

Living Room Design

This luxury home design room is designed in rustic style which proves the old adage that everything comes full circle. Our pioneer ancestors would get a good laugh out of how fashionable the look is today in connection to the past that’s hard to resist.

Rustic style’s unpretentious roots, organic textures and shapes, and natural warmth have become as popular in the heart of the city as it is out in the woods. By natural, we mean as original as it can be; a pulled out bark or a thinly sliced raw stone.

Turquoise has been added in the cushions to add the required spark. Two back lit panels have been added in between the stone with shelves in wood to keep collectables and accessories.

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