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bedroom interior designing in delhi model town

As designers we  juggle with client’s choices, cost factor, time restraints, technology and to top it sustainability. This house in talk belongs to one of our client who is well travelled and has a polished taste. As one walks down the home, one would experience different worlds built, all tied together with a common thread.

The upper ground floor belongs to the parents. The guest room, master bed room, common lounge and kitchen are the main demarcated areas on this floor. The master bedroom is characterised by gold gilding over ivory colour. Designed to impress , this room states opulence.

bedroom interior designing in delhi model town

The guest room is contemporary with clean lines, soft light effects , natural use of material is warm and inviting.

BEDROOM design in model town delhi

The lobby with special look and feel is designed to be an interactive hub. Adaptable to changing needs, this lounge has a dramatic effect with the dance  of light. The touch of brass inserted in stone adds to the style quotient.

First Floor: The young couple’s room with walk in wardrobe camouflaged  in white panelling speaks for sheer elegance. Bold and sophisticated, this room is designed to have healthy dash of flamboyance. The hanging side lamps with leather and wooden panelling on the backdrop, a broken white colour panelling on the led wall and neutral curtain flowing from ceiling to the floor, all combine to create a personalised original flair.

The teenage girls room is designed to fall in love with one self. Fun filled and cherished this room is designed to be an interior designer’s canvas. Impressive yet so inviting , this pearl  white room with a dash of peacock green boldy states French Interiors.

kids bedroom designing model town delhi ncr

daughters bedroom design in model town delhi

The formal drawing room ensures that the guest can experience sumptuous comfort wherever they step on. Plush rugs, indulgent furniture, customised wall inlays and gold  plated frames create an astounding extravagant luxurious space.

drawing room design model town delhi north

The second floor is designated to entertainment. An open layout with formal and informal areas visually separated by design only has a lot to offer. A luxurious sitting area characterized by wooden panel and merging carving is designed for the mature.

While the sitting, where the same  fading  print is carried over from the floor to sofa fabrics to the wall paper is a place to dig in for hours and designed for the young of the house. The billiard table with ship wood panelling in retro style on the wall is an area for serious players. The area brings back the old world age of voyage exploration.

luxury interior designers model town delhi

The whole home is designed with an effort to be in sync with individual preferences and desires while artfully binding the rooms to make it look as one unit.

Interior Designing, Society & Sustainability 

Does a designer have any role is changing the society ? The answer is ‘Yes’. The designer – interior or architecture contributes to improving human well being. Sounds strange! But the truth is, that every place created has a direct impact on social behaviour of humans and the ecological balance in nature besides other indirect effects.

Designing is an art  which is a combination of expression, technology and satisfaction of human needs. A good design can make one feel more human, more alive and more fulfilled. A shady, distressed room with uncomfortable furniture can make the habitat dull and negative.

While a colorful, bright inviting room can lift up even a dull mood. This is true with work space designing also. Spaces designed to be comfortable to the eye and to the soul yield better production. The space designing decides if you will be more interactive to co- workers in the office and neighbours or else wise.

Apart from the above said, interior designers and architects have great responsibility in avoiding the depletion of natural resources. Sustainable design practices balances well between aesthetic designs and the use of earth’s resources, today and in future. Some examples of these practices will be using:- locally manufactured materials, rapidly renewable materials, durable and long lasting materials, energy efficient lighting and HVAC systems.

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