How To Involve Your Kids In Garden (8)

How To Involve Your Kids In Garden

The young age is all about learning. Learning in a play way method and learning by experiencing are unforgettable imprints on the memory. Gardening is one such activity that can develop a lot of new skills in a kid while having fun and play. kids in garden love digging in the soil, getting dirty, creating things and watching plants grow. There are many qualities that can be taught to a kid while gardening.

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While kids in garden love to eat junk and to make them eat healthy food is always a task for parents. When a child grows his own plants, he is enthusiastic about eating it as well. Besides learning about nutrition, the child automatically develops healthy food habits while gardening. Children in garden are very creative and gardening explores new exciting ways to grow food.

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A lot of physical activity is require while digging, sowing and watering the plants, a fun-filled method of keeping the child physically active. Since the child cannot do the garden by himself, he would be either help a grown up or working in cooperation with his friends. Cooperation, obedience, and sharing come in a mellowed format without really having to teach the child. The child learns about the science of plants, animals, weather, the environment, nutrition and simple construction. When the child plucks the fruits or flowers of their own, a sense of achievement creeps in which boosts the self-confidence and perseverance.

How To Involve Your Kids In Garden (9)

Being close to nature and in contact with soil is supposed to increase the immunity of the child. The child learns to love the plants and take care of his environment and make it a pleasant place. The child learns cause and effect like plants die without water and understand the importance of living in harmony with nature. They also grow up to responsible human beings.

How To Involve Your Kids In Garden (9)

It is primarily important to make sure child’s safety in the garden before even think of involving them into the garden. Buy the correct sized tools. Always have the first aid box ready. The fertilizers and chemicals are best kept out of the reach of children. In the summers it is important to give shade by either a green curtain or umbrellas. The child must wear a sunscreen, suitable clothing and preferably gunboats. Apply mosquito repellents to a child before they go for gardening. Collecting of water in pits, equipment or buckets should be avoided to prevent mosquito breeding.

How To Involve Your Kids In Garden (9)

To create the interest of the kids in gardening, start by simple things. Ensure that you give the child a freedom by giving their own garden space. Even a few pots, a small farm place which the child can call his own will excite the child. Initially, plan a visit to botanical gardens or a nursery for a child to select his plants. Apart from the information that a child will gather, he will be happy in selecting his own plants. Involvement of children in designing and planning of garden will help get their interest. Encourage children to dig in the dirt. Apart from physical activity, the kids in garden love to play with mud arts like castles.

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Grow a mixture of flowers, vegetables, and fruits for a kid to understand different types of vegetation. Also grow one of the plants where roots can be use for eating like a potato. Also grow a sapling. Apart from saplings, it is interesting to grow plants from seeds. Help the child to make a scarecrow and make use his creativity while doing it. Flowers which attract butterflies, ladybird make the area more interesting to learn and play. A bird house or a bird bath will attract birds and make the area chirpy. A water feature should be add if the child can keep up it. A few rocks, stones, and pebbles make the area fascinating.

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A child can be involved in digging, watering the garden, weeding, gathering seeds and dried flowers, picking flowers, preparing the soil with organic fertilizer, replanting and re-potting, planting vegetables, fruits and flowers in the correct season, composting, recycling and mulching and feeding the worms and using the ‘worm tea’ from the worm farm as fertilizer. A child can also be encourage in craft activities like making a scarecrow or decorating pots. Also according to age, he can be encouraged in the picking of vegetables and fruits when they are ready to eat and preparing healthy food, such as making salads and preparing school lunches from the fruits and vegetables of the garden.

Above all, it is essential to make sure that your kids in garden is a safe place for the kids with suitable equipment, tools, gates, and paths for them.

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