08 Dec 2017
Update Kitchen Cabinets (4)

If you have an old kitchen Cabinets and are looking at just a facial improvement, without breaking the whole kitchen.

Here Are The Some Tips To Update Kitchen Cabinets

  1. If your carcass is in a good condition, the easier way of refurbishing would be to replace the cabinet shutters. You can install a contrast-colored cabinet shutter in the overhead cabinet like red looks awesome when used with white.
  2. You can add glass shutters in a few overhead kitchen cabinets to make the kitchen look large.
  3. It is good to add pull down shutters to hide your appliances and give a neater look.
  4. You can also add accessories like pull-out baskets, organizers, bottle pull-out in your existing kitchen cabinets to have better utilization of space. The carousel is under cabinet shutters to utilize dead ends.
  5. You can add accessories like SS rods with S hooks, foil cutter, cutlery holder between your overhead kitchen cabinets to take care of small claimants. You can also add detergent racks, pull out dustbin and pull out basket below the sink cabinet to make it neat and organized.
  6. Adding a readymade back-splash to the backside of hob can make it neater, easier to clean and aesthetically beautiful. Changing the handles and any rusted hardware will also uplift the look.
  7. If there is space between overhead cabinets and ceiling, making kitchen cabinets used items will give you more storage.
  8. Keeping cylinder outside and installing a gas pipeline takes away rust patches from the floor.
  9. RO can install below the sink to save space and bar the machine from being visible from outside.
  10. From cook top to the hob, from stone to SS sinks, from the exhaust to an added chimney, the changes would make it easier to clean and also the look aesthetically.
  11. Since changing tiles in running the kitchen is not possible, you can add lacquered glass or designer glass above it. Stone tiles can be stuck to the existing stone flooring using chemicals without breaking anything.
  12. If the possibility for making a provision of 2′-0” x 2′-0” space and then making the cabinet which will take care of inbuilt oven and hub in the middle and storage above it will clear the shelf space.
  13. The remaining walls and ceiling can give a fresh paint to freshen up.

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