22 Feb 2018
luxurious interiors

The color combination of grey and gold can sometimes end up in luxurious interiors. The shade of grey offset by a metal golden picture frame and mirror frame offer nostalgic feel. The wooden bed and contemporary lights hanging from the ceiling give the finishing touch to the scene.

07 Feb 2018
Barbecue Party Decor

A backyard barbecue party decor despite being casual in nature requires being well choreographed. Cleaning up you’re outdoor, ensuring it is safe, providing patio furniture, a grill, menu, decoration, outdoor lighting, games, music & activities are all potential ingredients for a good time.

31 Jan 2018
Psychological Effects Of Blue Color In Interior Design

As the quote suggests, it is the color of nature depicting the flow of energy. The blue on brighter shades represents serenity, youth, and spirituality. While the dull blue colors bring sadness and loneliness. Blue can strike various cords of youth. Turquoise is a symbol of youth and growth. Aqua transports one into a dreamland of high ideas. Dark blue gets sophistication if use in less quantity while loneliness. Navy blue represents authority while baby blue represents naughtiness. Blue reflects a lot of light and has an effect of cooling down a person immediately. Blue is generally used in combination of light grey or white, as an overdose of blue will make the house boring.

30 Jan 2018
Interior Design Contrast Color Walls With Colored Roof

Colour choice will affect by nature, technology, mind state & lifestyle. The shade card of color has expanded from nascent over the past 1 decade. The choice of color used in homes is specific to the place, climate, and culture. Cooler shades will prefer in tropical climate & vibrant ones for the city. With the exposure to international trends, the next – gen do not hesitate to experiment new colors, combination & textures. The changing aesthetics & design sensibilities have led to a whole new spectrum of color.

25 Jan 2018
Pop Art Interior Design

1. Pop art interior is becoming a growing trend for homes. How does it help up the decor of a house?

Throw a little (or a lot) of metallic in with any strong color, texture, or style, and you have hit upon the biggest trend of 2012 in home decorating. Pop Art, once used in advertising, product labeling and logos; is now the choice of next-gen… Once considered to be a luxury item, “art” has now been transformed to be made available in a myriad of materials. We can see art in wall and furniture finishes, leathers and vinyl, fabrics, lighting, accessories etc. Pop Art in Interiors is adding a nice bridge to the full abundance of neutrals by adding a bit of sparkle and luxe.