31 Jan 2017

What is the first thing to do when giving your room a make-over? First and most important depth while designing your room is planning. Google & find the images that you desire for your room. Now start by planning designing & detailing. Detailing is directly related to the outcome. If affordability permits it is always […]

25 Jan 2017

If your carcase is in a good condition, the easier way of refurbishing would be to replace the cabinet shutters. You can install a contrast coloured cabinet shutter in the overhead cabinet like red looksawesome when used with white. Uou can add glass shutters in a few overhead cabinets to make the kitchen look bigger. […]

24 Dec 2016

So you thought paints only offer colour to your walls. Think again. With innovation and technology advancement, the paints today offer properties like flame spread resistant, water resistant, anti-microbial properties and scratch resistant. The performance, protection and array of finishes available determine the quality of paint. This also helps transform four walls into creative canvas. […]

20 Dec 2016

Whose house is this? Name of the client not to be disclosed as per client’s request. What is the area? Jaypee Greens, Greater Noida How was the interiors of the house planned? The interior was conceptualized keeping the client’s requirement in the first priority. The designs are contemporary with emphasis on furniture and accessories. The […]

07 Nov 2016

Chair-1: A classic piece, an everlasting beauty; this chair is hand crafted in seasoned wood & then hand painted using black PU &  silver leafing. Impressed with tradition, this piece is crafted with precision to maintain aesthetics & cushioned with top quality velvet for the softness & plush feel. Cost: Approx. 55 thousand.   Chair-2: […]

05 Nov 2016

Emphasis or focal points are the principles of art that draw attention to a specific location in work. The same principle applies to interiors. Mostly art and interior have at least one focal point and sometimes multiple. The idea of focal point is to concentrate our attention like bull’s eye on the target. Though our […]

It is no secret that color can make or even break design. Color has a lot of effect on mood emotions and behavior of a person. While perceptions of color are somewhat subjective, there are some color effects that have universal meaning. Colors play an important role in enhancing the feeling of health & well […]