24 Jan 2018

In India, everybody is a doctor. Everybody has a medicine pouch at their homes. Likewise, everybody has the advice to give. Your friend just made a residence and now you are making one. She is full of what to and what not to do. The bottom line is that everybody has a different set of requirements and different styles, so setting your style at your place in your budget is a challenge in itself. Any site will have flooring, ceiling, electrical, plumbing, furniture, highlighting, accessories, carpets, rugs, paintings, HVAC, automation, cameras, lighting.

22 Jan 2018
space saving ideas in a home (2)

When it comes to space saving in small houses, every square inch of space is vital. Hence preplanning plays a very important role is maximum utilization of space. Here are 10 ideas from Ansa Interiors to save space in a home.

It is a smart idea to use convertible furniture. A series of ottomans that can be joined to make a bed; a sofa that will convert to a bed.

20 Jan 2018

Have you ever designed a house for a single man? What were the key points you had in your mind?
We have designed a bachelor pad. It revolves around the likes and needs of the person occupying it. This means there are no set rules for designing a bachelor’s home. Include in the decor things that you will use. It is not important what is in vogue and what a family oriented home considers while designing.

17 Jan 2018
Spring Home Interior Trends (6)

Spring home interior is a good time for rejuvenation. As the season becomes a little warmer, the ambiance of home can change to reflect the season. The spring home interiors give a feel of bringing the outside in. Spring home interiors make the rooms breathe. The home becomes the inspiration of living with nature. It reflects the aura of the season which is full of fun and freshness. Spring is a season of a fresh start when it comes to interior designing your home. While you can choose to overhaul the entire interiors, there are so many inexpensive, fresh n fun ways to bring in spring interiors with new energy, a new emphasis, and new life to the dull winter look.

13 Jan 2018

An interior design is the basis of creativity with an aim to set up a form which has many faces. On one side it is practical, functional and on the other visually pleasing and has longevity. Good interior design is a collective balance & modern style.