17 Apr 2018

This drawing room is a deception of creativity balanced  with style. The colors are added to emphasize the whole area. The pallet is grey and beige. The grey panelings in leather are separated with brass borders. The brass has replicate at certain places over trimmings of the center table and painting.

23 Mar 2018

The double height structure is highlight using stone. The stone used here is Perlatto beige. It has cut into rhombus of equal divisions. All four sides have been beveled to form a ‘V’ groove joined to form a linear design. The floral patterns are all handmade and have a depression in them to give an effect of the third dimension and something protruding out. The flowers are place on the rhombus sides.

20 Mar 2018

The French quilting on the backdrop of the bed is highlight by using copper leafing in antique finish. Antique copper had been till now is used for various other products but this is an introduction to the product on the wall. Many interesting designs will create using champagne, gold or silver leafing on the walls as well.