Home and Garden
  1. The right space- The common spaces in home like the bed room, drawing room, living room and foyer are a great for experimenting for wall paper. However when it comes to baths and kitchens, wall papers are a strict no-no. “Steam and heat weaken the glue holding the wall paper in place,” says Sapna
  2. Nail the look- While using wallpapers in small runs- like on an accent wall-will add a focal point, while covering a whole room in it will lend a uniform look. “Opt for a wall paper that has a light texture. Using dark colours or wall papers with a heavy grain can make your space feel claustrophobic,” Sapna adds.
  3. Wise Picks- Choose wallpaper that suits the ambience of your room. “If your bedroom has a neutral décor, pick a wall paper in a light shade.” For areas that receive a lot of traffic, she suggests wallpapers made of thicker material for durability.