• Whose house is this?

Name of the client not to be disclosed as per client’s request.

  • What is the area?

Jaypee Greens, Greater Noida

  • How was the interiors of the house planned?

The interior was conceptualized keeping the client’s requirement in the first priority. The designs are contemporary with emphasis on furniture and accessories. The false ceilings and wall are kept in the neutral tones for the shadowed background. Importance is given to utilization of natural light and the design revolves around the contours of the building

  • What was the brief given by the owners?

He wished a weekend home full of luxuries and contemporary in look. The requirement revolved around making it a place to rejuvenate, relax and get together. Thereby, the open air Jacuzzi, a large sized drawing room with ample sitting and separate bar and billiard room were incorporated.

  • What suggestions were given by the design team?

The design team revolved the designs around the furniture which was bought at first go. Special attention was given to using items which are relatively low in maintenance. The design gave a touch of class and enhanced the overall look making the rooms look harmonious but not making it over the board. Special effects were added with the use of exclusive materials like silver leafing, stainless steel cutwork and cut glass. Since each house designed by Ansa is exclusive and is never repeated for another client, the design options given to the client carried his attitude and likings in the project.

  • What are the basic things you keep in mind while starting a project. Any suggestions 

Incorporating classy furniture yet keeping the circulation spaces clear so that there is no obstruction in movement was the primary objective. The rooms were designed so that each room had its own personality yet there was a common thread running in the whole house so that the home looked harmonious and not separate units. the basement had a swimming pool and sitting area separated by a clear glass partition so that the outside could be an extension of inside. Similarly the drawing was separated by a clear glass from the lawn, outside so that the party area could be extended as n when needed. The false ceilings were absolutely straight as per client’s requirement and the walls in unitone all over. Fire places were incorporated to give an European feel and also add warmth in chilly winters. There was an element of surprised added on each floor with special design elements. The focus was undoubtedly on the comfort and luxuries.

  • What were the problems faced while handling the project?

The Site with God’s grace went with least possible problems.

  • How much time did it take to complete the project?

About 10 months.

  • How many levels and rooms?

4 levels and 6 bedrooms and sitting areas on each floor

  • Please explain the design elements incorporated in each level (lighting, flooring, walls..)

The flooring is done is Satvario which is one the expensive and classy Italian stone. It is offset by Travatino, beige in tone at a few areas like billiard room, and wooden floorings in bedrooms. Lighting plays a very important role in any interiors. Though special thought was given to utilize natural light, but nonetheless apart from general light, there was a focus on mood lightings by using chandeliers and wall highlighters. The walls run in a neutral tone all over but were enhanced at main focal point using special highlighting. The drawing room had a square mirror pieces with cut glass border across dining to visually enlarge the area. The pillars were highlighted with mother of pearl and wood claddings. The drawing room had 3 sittings using different material. The centre table was carved from stone to add a little rustic touch to otherwise very elegant house. the basement sitting near swimming pool had wicker craft furniture with cane paneling to give a feeling of  outside merging with inside though separated with clear glass. The walls were highlighted with judicial use of wall paper. And the main colour came from the beddings, accessories and wall papers…everything changeable; so that anytime one wishes to change the look it is just a blink of eye away. The use of exclusive rugs and throws made the look a little warm and welcoming.

  • Where was the furniture, art, etc…sourced from?

Majorly from China. But a few furniture pieces were also bought locally from Delhi.